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Auto Armor Auto Spa
5 Pak $9 Deluxe Car Washes
Get a 5-pak of $9.00 Auto Spa Wash car washes.

It includes:
- Underbody & Rocker Panel Flush
- Double Pre-Soak Cleaner
- High Foaming Bath Cleaner
- High Pressure Wash
- Fresh Water Rinse
- Sparkling Spot Free Rinse
- Super Blower Dryer

Auto Armor Auto Spa has a 24-hour auto wash. Go anytime, any day. The certificates do NOT expire!!!. Auto Spa may be closed due to cold temperatures. Call 906-228-5353 to check.

Auto Armor Auto Spa is located at 500 S. Front Street in Marquette. For other auto conditioning treatments, call (906) 228-5353.
Price: $30.00

Value: $45.00

Savings: $15.00 (33%)

Qty Available: 3

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